Interview with Merrie Spaeth – Episode 02

Texas Titan Merrie Spaeth

enter the North Dallas offices of Spaeth Communications. It’s an unassuming suite. On the wall facing me as I look to the right of the glass conference room is a framed D CEO Cover with a photo of Merrie Spaeth sitting cross legged on top of a large executive desk. The caption reads, “The Fixer.” The name Merrie Spaeth has become synonymous with crisis management and effective messaging in board rooms across the United States. She is the founder and CEO of the company that bears her last name.

However, it was a long and winding road to these offices just across from North Park Mall off the LBJ freeway in North Dallas. It was a road that lead to Hollywood, Washington D.C., New York and finally led to the Lone Star State.

Merrie’s official bio reads as follows:

Merrie has a unique background in media, government, politics, business and entertainment. She is a thought-leader in communication theory, a master of executive coaching and acknowledged as one of the most influential communication counselors in the world. Before founding Spaeth in 1987, Merrie was a producer for ABC’s 20/20, a speechwriter for the legendary founder and chairman of CBS, William S. Paley, and was assigned to FBI Director Judge William Webster while serving as a White House Fellow. All of this culminated into her roles as director of public affairs for the Federal Trade Commission, and ultimately her appointment as director of media relations at the White House in the Reagan Administration. Merrie is a sought-after public speaker who provides strategic communication counseling for companies and executives across the globe. She is also a dedicated mother, dog-lover and needlepoint enthusiast.

I can’t help but describe Merrie as a true renaissance woman. She is in every way a Texas Titan, and gives me great pleasure to introduce you to my friend Merrie.

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