Interview with Nick Pencis – Episode 18

Nick & Jen Pencis took over the business in 2006 after the death of founder JD Stanley left his family unable to continue the operation. Nick & Jen have kept the spirit of JD’s recipes and methods alive, as well as adding their unique flair to the joint. They have been named “One of the Best BBQ Joints in the World!” by Texas Monthly Magazine, finding their story published in David Gelin’s book “BBQ Joints: Stories and Secret Recipes from the Barbecue Belt,” and Daniel Vaughn’s “Prophets of Smoked Meat” published by Anthony Bourdain. Nick & Jen have tried to recruit the best staff to ensure the highest quality food and fun atmosphere.

Stanley’s has been family owned and operated since 1958. The site where Stanley’s sits today was a BBQ restaurant for two previous owners before being bought and renamed by J.D. Stanley in the late 50’s. The history of BBQ is long and strong in this spot.

In 2013, Nick & Jen expanded the joint’s cooking and seating capacity, introduced the friendliest full-service bar in Texas, and brought back weekly live music. “Mom & Pop” Pencis are proud of their “Little Engine That Could” and are honored, grateful, and proud to carry on a great Texas tradition! As always, they encourage all to “Be Kind and Have Fun!”

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