Interview with Phil Burks Part 2 – Episode 40

In this interview I re-visit my mentor, friend and Texas Titan, Phil Burks. Phil is one of the most accomplished leaders I know. I can’t think of anyone better to discuss these trying times with than Phil. He has an employee centered philosophy that shows in every way he runs his businesses. In this episode we discuss the Coronavirus, drones and what’s to come. Thank you for listening. Enjoy the show.

From Phil:

My job is to manage the resources that God has put in front of me, whatever those are at any moment in my life.Everything we do has to be CHIFF- Clever, High Quality, Innovative, Functional & Fun! I am a Christian Businessman with 35 years of success behind and 35 more to go. 

Photo from my first interview with Phil. Due to social distancing we did the most recent interview remote

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