Books! Joe Lafko and I Discuss Some of our Favorite Reads. Episode 45

Let’s Talk Books!

I love books. You’ve heard it said, “Leaders are readers.” I agree. I firmly believe reading is like push-ups for your brain. In this episode Joe Lafko (Texas Titan Episode 38) and I discuss 4 of our favorite reads. The books covered are:

“Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun” -Wes Roberts

“Born Standing Up: A Comics Life” -Steve Martin

“Start With Why” -Simon Senek

“Choose Yourself” -James Altucher

These are all great reads although fortunately I have read neither of Joe’s picks. This means my list just got a little bigger. I hope you enjoy the show. I wanted to change it up a bit. I want to find a way to introduce you to things I’m reading or doing without you just having to hear it from me the whole show.

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Upcoming episodes:

I’m going to be sitting back down with Spencer Bynes (Episode 41). Spencer is and I will discuss the differences and likenesses of being he a black father and I white father. How do we prepare our children for an ever-changing society seemingly enduring birth pangs at the moment?

I will also be talking to Dr. Chris Crow M.D., CEO of Catalyst Health Network. Dr. Crow is an amazing leader in the healthcare space. We will discuss population management, saving the U.S. healthcare system and business leadership in general. It should be a great show.

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