Episode 55 Author, Entrepreneur, Cancer Survivor Henda Salmeron

Salmeron arrived from South Africa on American soil in 1990 with two suitcases, less than $600 in her pocket, a fine bottle of 1966 Portuguese Port, a work visa, and the American Dream.

Since, Henda has become a United States citizen, a mother, an Award Winning Real-Estate Broker, an accomplished investor, serial entrepreneur, a published author of “Grit Under My Nails”, an ultra endurance race global competitor, a breast cancer survivor who served on the Board of Susan G. Komen – Dallas, and an accidental power lobbyist who passed one of the most important and influential healthcare bills in the nation in 2011, known as Henda’s Law Texas HB-2102.

Henda is truly a remarkable human. I loved this conversation, and I know you will. There’s always something special bout sitting down and hearing the story of a successful entrepreneur. However, when you add being a first generation American to the mix, there’s just something that makes it almost have a fairytale quality. I hope you enjoy this conversation with Henda as much as I did. To learn more about Henda and all her ventures, please click HERE.

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