Episode 60 Podcaster, Ad Executive and Former Pro Basketball Player Rob Howe

Rob Howe is a Type-1 Diabetic living in Dallas Texas. Diagnosed on January 1st, 2005 at the age of 16, Rob was the recipient of excellent care from the incredible endocrine staff of Children’s Medical Center of Dallas. They assured him that as long as he took care of his health, he could achieve all the goals he had for his life. After living with Diabetes for 10 years, he decided that there were probably people living with Diabetes who could benefit from his story, and he started Diabetics Doing Things in 2015 with a simple mission: Help One Person. Over 1 million podcast downloads (and counting) and speaking at dozens of Diabetes events across the world, Diabetics Doing Things has certainly met that goal, and Rob is living proof.

Diabetics Doing Things was born out of the idea that not everyone receives the same kind of treatment during diagnosis that Rob received at Children’s. Those people need to hear stories of their Diabetic peers who are out in the world living their lives and accomplishing the goals they’ve set for themselves. Through the telling of each other’s stories, Rob continues to build Diabetics Doing Things with the hope that the community will continue to grow and provide encouragement, positivity, tools, tactics, hacks and hope for everyone with Type-1 Diabetes, while educating the general public on the hopes, struggles and thoughts of the Type-1 Diabetic community. 

Rob is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Recreation Dallas, a full-service advertising agency in Dallas Texas, which he started in 2016 with his business partner Sterling Hayman. Rob also is a teacher and performer at the Dallas Comedy House which he credits for refining his skills as a performer and interviewer. He is 31 and lives near Downtown Dallas with his Fiance Erica and their two dogs Rowan and Enzo and cat, Michael J. Fox. 

For more background on Rob’s life with Diabetes, after graduating as the Valedictorian of his High School class, Rob went on to receive a full collegiate scholarship to the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs to play basketball, and graduated with honors 4 years later with a Bachelors of Science in Business. In the fall of 2012 Rob accepted an offer to play professional basketball for the Washington Generals against the World Famous Harlem Globetrotters on their 2012-13 World Tour and fulfill his lifelong dream of playing pro basketball. Rob has since retired from the professional hoops, but works full-time on his agency while volunteering as a member of the BeyondType1 Leadership Council, a Board Member for JDRF Dallas, a host and speaker for the American Diabetes Association, and can be found speaking at Diabetes events throughout the world, working with top Diabetes brands like Medtronic Diabetes, OneDrop, Myabetic and others, while continuing to strive to accomplish his mission of Helping 1 person with Diabetes at a time.

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