Episode 67 Billy “The Fowl Hunter” Campbell

Billy Campbell has turned his passion for public wetland water fowl hunting into a career. He and Dennis “Dr. Duck” Loosier are quickly becoming household names in the fowl hunting world. Billy spent 20 plus years in marketing. However, after taking up duck hunting, he soon found a way to combine his passion for the sport with his marketing expertise.

Although it didn’t start out with a business in mind, that’s what has happened. Billy and Dennis now have a show on Realtree 365 where they take viewers on hunts to public wetlands, which is somewhat of an innovation in the sport. In this interview Billy discusses how all the previous shows centered around hunting on private lands, which as he describes in detail is much different.

This is a great interview with one of the humblest and most engaging guests I’ve had. I firmly believe you will enjoy getting to know Billy Campbell.

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