Episode #74 “Friends of Herb”

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Herb Kelleher

was undoubtedly one of the most fun if not the most fun episodes I’ve ever done. Southwest Airlines Co-founder and former CEO Herb Kelleher is a business legend. I had the good fortune of sitting down with three of Herb’s closest friends including two members of the Southwest board of directors to talk about what made Kelleher so special.

In this episode we don’t just dive into what made him such a special business leader, but what made him a special man. We’ve all heard the stories of Southwest’s legendary culture. Well, in this episode you find out where it all started.

The cast of this episode I’m proud to say are all Texas Titan alumni.

First, is Jim Bayless (Episode 30) who recounts the earliest days of Southwest Airlines. Bayless was there when Southwest was still being incubated and had a front row seat to the birthing of what would become one of the greatest stories in the airline industry to ever be told.

Next is former State Senator and Texas Tech Chancellor and sitting Southwest board member John Montford (Episode 57). Senator Montford has lived a thousand successful lives already, and knew Herb Kelleher as well as anyone. Not only did they become close friends, but he was serving as a State Senator when Kelleher was lobbying the halls of the Austin Capitol.

Finally, Dr. Bill Cunningham (Episode 65) the former President of The University of Texas and Chancellor of the U.T. System and long serving Southwest Airlines board member recounts some of the funniest stories about his dear friend Herb.

I can not be more grateful for these three gentleman lending their time to the Texas Titan podcast. It was so fun to watch and listen to them tell their stories about one of the most colorful figures to ever enter the Texas business landscape.

If you enjoy this episode even a fraction as much as I did, you will have been well served. Thanks for tuning in to the Texas Titans podcast.

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