Episode 76 Terrence Murphy

Terrence Murphy

After a successful football career at Texas A&M, Terrence graduated Class of 2005 and was drafted by the Green Bay Packers that same year in the NFL Draft.

After retiring from the NFL, real estate became his main focus and passion.He became a serious investor in the Texas real estate market and founded the brokerage TM5 Properties in 2010. Terrence has personally completed $250M+ in sales volume over the past 10 years. He is a visionary and serial entrepreneur at heart. He has successfully started a number of ventures and companies over the years, including the launch of the Real Estate Entrepreneur podcast. Terrence possesses the same traits that he portrayed on the football field: passion, work ethic, dedication, loyalty, desire to succeed, and knowledge, all of which help his clients receive superior service.

This was one of my favorite interviews. I know I say that all the time, but it’s true. Terrence is a truly special human. As an athlete, a husband, a father and entrepreneur, Terrence is hitting on all cylinders.

Please learn more about Terrence and his projects including his podcast “The Real Estate Entrepreneur Podcast at TerrenceMurphy.com.

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