Episode 79 James Benefico, Founder Organic Muscle

James Benefico, Founder Organic Muscle

Muscle was founded out of frustration with the supplement industry.  Founder James B almost landed himself in the ER one day after consuming an unhealthy, chemical and stimulant ridden pre-workout supplement.  The dirty, unnatural ingredients had caused severe heart palpitations, jitters and stomach pain. 
This unpleasant experience led James on a quest to create the healthiest, cleanest and most effective fitness supplements on the market. Organic Muscle is the first company dedicated to offering customers certified organic workout and fitness supplements. Our herbs, superfoods, sprouts, and adaptogens are sourced from eco-friendly, sustainable and certified organic farms. We are proud to blend and bottle are products in California & Texas.

“Old James” vs. “New James”

This was such a fun interview with an exceptional entrepreneur. I love to geek out on all things health and wellness, and this interview tapped into all that. Please checkout the incredible suite of high quality products at http://www.organicmuscle.com. Enjoy the show!


Zoom decided to take a breath during the conversation so this is broken up into two parts. If you listen on iTunes, it’s one episode, but if you watch on the YouTubes it’s in two parts. Enjoy!

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