Episode 88 The Man Who Helped Noah Kagan capture 100k+ YouTube Subscribers Mitchell Cohen

In this episode I speak to the man behind the man, Mitchell Cohen. Mitchell is a digital marketing superstar and producer of Noah Kagan’s amazingly successful YouTube channel for aspiring entrepreneurs. As of this entry Noah has 180k subscribers to his channel. Much of this has to do with the creative acumen of Mitchell Cohen.

This was a fun episode for me for sure. As someone who is trying to make it in the world of content creation, it was so fun to have time to peer into the mind of a content guru like Mitchell. We also talk about health, wellness and the other topics you know I love to geek out on. Enjoy the show!

More about Mitchell:

Director of Influencer Marketing for AppSumo.Director of Operations & Growth for Noah Kagan’s YouTube, Podcast, and Newsletter.Writes about habits, health, & happiness at @MitchellLandon on Twitter and MitchellLandon.com

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