Episode 90 Coss “The Boss” Marte Founder of Conbody-From $2MM/year Drug Kingpin to Health and Wellness Entrepreneur

In 2009, Coss Marte was sent to jail as the leader of a multi-million dollar cocaine operation. He was also grossly overweight and warned by his physician that his current lifestyle, if left unchecked, would likely kill him. Faced with this grim prognosis, Coss started to get in shape using the tools he had—his prison cell and his own body weight. Within six months, he lost 70 pounds and replicated his successful formula of body weight exercises with 20 other people incarcerated alongside him. After he was released from prison, Coss launched ConBody a “prison style” bootcamp that hires formerly incarcerated individuals to teach fitness classes. Since the launch of his company he’s gained over 25,000+ clients , supported many folks coming home from prison, and has been featured in over 200 major media outlets such as NBC, CNN, The New York Times, TED Talks, and Men’s Fitness. Coss has also won major pitch competitions such as Pitch for Good by TOM’s shoes and the YPO shark tank competition, which combined raised $350,000.

CONBODY is a non-stop, bodyweight, prison-style, fitness method. We proudly hire formerly incarcerated individuals as our instructors.

CONBODY is the first fitness method born in prison, founded by an inmate, managed and run by former inmates. Coss developed the CONBODY method while in solitary confinement. He lost 70 pounds in a 9×6 cell in 6 months using the non-stop, bodyweight method, he created. Coss then used the CONBODY method to help his fellow inmates lose over 1000 pounds while on the inside.

Now CONBODY is the toughest most effective fitness program on the outside.

CONBODY’s mission is to de-stigmatize the formerly incarcerated community, ease their integration back into society, and change the systemic inequity of the criminal justice system. We provide wraparound reentry services for returning citizens. We work with organizations that share our mission to maximize our impact. CONBODY partners with engaged companies to provide fitness & CSR programs. Through the CONBODY FOUNDATION we have expanded upon the original concept of CONBODY in further pursuit of our mission.

CONBODY has worked with over 100 formerly incarcerated professionals with a 0% recidivism rate..

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