Episode 95 “Out of the Matrix” with Pastor Daniel Turner

So let me define “The Matrix” as I see it. The Matrix is the physical world we inhabit. It’s like a flowing river where decisions we make are almost made automatically. We like certain things because…well, why do we like those things? Why is one thing better than an another? How do we define our happiness? Is it based on our idea of happiness or what others have told us happy is? I think the ad executives on Madison Avenue, social media influencers, professors and the like have created the Matrix. They create want. We make the want a need. And before we know it we’ve lost sight of what we actually know to be real. We get lost in a plastic world.

Can we make different decision contrary to what the Matrix says? I’ve become a big fan of the content being produced by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. They are better known as “The Minimalists.” I first noticed them on their Netflix documentary ‘Minimalism.’ I highly recommend it. These two guys have become famous not for their willingness to live without but for their determination to decide to live a life of MORE of what really matters. They ask the question, “What is essential?” I think their message and lifestyle best describes what I’m talking about.

We live in a material world. That’s what Madonna told us a long time ago, right? So who determines which material we should curate our lives with? Did you choose the clothes you’re wearing or did someone else? Seems like a simple question right? Well, maybe it’s not so simple. I give you the following video from the movie ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ as exhibit “A.”

“That sweater was chosen for you.”

So much of what we accept as our “normal” is the result of societal influences. What if you stopped for a moment, stepped out of “The Matrix” and looked at it from the outside? What if you started to question things like why we need such a big house? Why do so many of the luxury items purchased all look the same? Why do we accept education the way it is?

What if there really is a supernatural world separate from the distraction of the Matrix? This is not some anti-materialism, anti-capitalism religious rant I assure you. I hope this episode leaves you with more questions than answers. I certainly don’t have it all figured out, but I’m searching. I want to get to a place of essentialism. I want to reduce the clutter of life to leave wide open space for the things that matter most. I hope you enjoy this first installment.

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