Episode 96 “Creating a Healthy, Organic Home With Megan Lubbers”

Megan Lubbers Episode 96

So I used to be the guy who turned his nose up at organic. I thought it was just overpriced food for elitist foodies with too much money and not enough to worry about. I’ve done a 180. For those I judged, I’m sorry. We are seeing more illness, diagnoses of Type 2 diabetes, Autism, allergies, girls with unregulated minstrel cycles. There’s something going on, and I have to believe it has to do with what’s in our food.

Here’s the thing though. Going organic can be overwhelming. Mrs. Wright and I are NOT 100% organic. It’s not something that happens overnight. Is it a little more expensive? Sometimes, but not by as much as you think. Like so many other things, when the market demands something competition arises. When competition arises prices fall. This is the case with organic products.

In this episode, Megan Lubbers and I talk organic, biohacking and other things to make for an overall healthier home for you and your family. She taught me so much, and I know you will gain some valuable insight from this conversation.

From Megan: Living a life as the typical American, taking cycling classes daily and eating fast food and boxed hamburger helper until then 3 year old daughter got sick. Double wammy with impending type 1 or type 2 diabetes diagnosis, coupled with apnea in her sleep and severe rhinitis that impaired her ability to breath out of her nose at all. Megan was studying for her bachelors of nursing and did what she knew best! Dive deep and bury herself into research of food and environmental toxin that she believed were the crux of her daughters health crises. Megan was a migraine sufferer from the age of 8 and struggled with endometriosis as well. 

Changing her life to fully organic regenerative living and riding her home of toxins from cleaners to kitchen cookware and more she saved her daughter from a diabetes diagnoses, heard her migraines and endometriosis. 

She spent 7 years as a cardiothoracic ICU nurse before hanging up her hat to homeschool and travel INSPIRING YOU TO CREATE YOUR ORGANIC HOME and life she SHAREs WITH YOU HOW TO TRULY THRIVE AND BE FREE,  WITH THE TOOLS THAT GOT her THERE.

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