Episode 98 “How To Eat a Failure Sandwich” Author Phil Burks

Phil Burks, Author “How to Eat a Failure Sandwich”

This is a special episode for me. Phil Burks is a friend and mentor. I cannot be more proud to call him friend. In this third visit to the show Phil discusses his new autobiography “How to Eat a Failure Sandwich.” This is a great account of Phil’s entrepreneurial hero’s journey. It’s not just a book about a business well built but a life well lived.

“How do you eat an elephant?” the old joke goes. Answer? “One bite at a time.” How do you get through failure and pain? It’s the same way you eat an elephant or a New York deli sandwich—one bite, one day at a time. These raw stories of what went wrong on Phil’s way to success serve as a reminder not to rush your way through the sloppy parts of life. They’ll challenge you to slow down and learn all you can from the whole messy process. When life serves up a Failure Sandwich, do you refuse to take a bite? Insist this is not what you ordered? It’s never what you want, but failure and disappointment happen to everyone. This book shows how to tuck your napkin under your chin, take a big bite, and start making your way through it all the way to the end.

f you’re a businessman and you’re feeling the tug to stand up taller in your business life, drop an email to me. I’d like to share more with you. You might also like to visit the Promise Keepers website. Additionally, there is a great site that offers daily, devotionals to enrich your daily walk with our Best Friend. Don Emmitte writes these daily 5 minute devotionals: Grace Restoration. It so happens that we attend a fabulous church here in Tyler — Green Acres Baptist Church. Bobbie is a family counselor with close ties to Green Acres and is founder of 413 Center For Change. I’m really involved in the worship and music ministry. To God Be The Glory!

In Him Who Controls All Bits…

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