Episode 100 Mark Lehman, Author of best selling book ‘The Shoebox Chronicles’

Episode 100-Mark Lehman, Author of ‘The Shoebox Chronicles’

Wow! Episode 100! I can’t believe it. Thank you so much for tuning into the show over the past 2.5 years. Here’s to another 100.

We all rush from one daily activity to another without ever stopping to realize we are actually living our own history.

The attic discovery of a shoebox stuffed with old letters reveals a rich, sometimes humorous, and occasionally shocking glimpse into one family’s heritage.

Every family is living their own unique story. But the wisdom, mistakes, and traditions of our past will be lost forever if our experiences are not saved and passed to the next generation. Understanding our current realities while building a foundation for the future can only be done through documenting the historic ties connecting our journey.

The Shoebox Chronicles offers an insightful guidepost for everyone to chronicle and preserve their own treasured legacy.

This was such a fun conversation with my dear friend turned author. This is a book we need right now. It’s fun. It’s heartwarming. It shows a family’s history in their own words. Any family can relate to Mark’s.

With the advent of social media and all forms of communication going digital we run the risk of losing much of our history. This book will inspire you to do something few do any more-write.

I know you will enjoy this very special episode 100 of The Jason Wright Show!

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