Episode 102 How to Prevent a Toxic Work Environment With Pete Havel Author of “The Arsonist in The Office: Fireproofing Your Life Against Toxic Coworkers, Bosses, Employees and Cultures”

Episode 102 Pete Havel

We are living in weird times. Everyone has to watch their back in a way never seen before. What’s ok today isn’t tomorrow. What was ok 20 years ago isn’t ok twenty minutes from now. Navigating the waters of corporate America has never been more challenging.

Companies big and small are going to have to step up and decide what kind of a culture they want to have. They have to be willing to stand up and address problem employees and right a ship with a culture of wrong doing. Pete Havel experienced first hand a toxic person as well as a company who allowed their behavior to go on for years. This is a great conversation for anyone working in a organization with co-workers.

The Arsonist in the Office is your survival guide for enduring the toxic workplace (and toxic people) and a call to action for a bold new approach to addressing tough issues. If you have ever led an organization or participated on a team and felt completely frustrated by the sabotage of another colleague, leader, or even client, this book is for you. Leaders, colleagues and organizations across the world have adopted this new movement – to not just “create” a great culture but to protect it. Building a great culture is always a worthy goal but fireproofing it – is just as important. The book provides detailed practical tools and tactics you need to know how to fireproof yourself and your culture from your organization’s arsonists! Pete Havel is an innovative voice in the world of corporate transformation, and his book teaches top leaders at all levels how to effectively stop toxic movements and eliminate the arsonist lurking within an organization or team. This is a book that will ignite and empower everyone who reads it!

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