107 Week of 11-8-21 Bookend Are There Multiple Universes? Does a Better Version of Ourselves Live In One?

What if there is a universe where the perfect version of you exists? Can this be possible? In reading Brian Scott’s book “The Reality Revolution” I’ve been motivated to ask some pretty significant questions.

Let’s say you are trying to quit smoking? Why don’t you? What if there is a door you can walk through to a universe where a ‘you’ exists that does not smoke? Is there? If not, why? What if you made the conscious effort to walk through a door in your mind into an alternate universe where you existed as a healthy, non-smoker. Why not walk through it.

Facebook is changing its name to metaverse. This is kind of scary and odd. I think people are living in alternate universes all around us. They try to make their reality our reality. However, their alternate universe crashes into the reality of ours. They solicit and often get the help of politicians and thought leaders to help them build their alternate universe.

Do I like this? No I don’t. However, it’s worth noting. If there are people who can literally convince millions of people to abandon what we all once knew as reality, why can’t you cause yourself to abandon the fact you are a smoker? 

I read there is a retreat where executives and other well heeled people pay $15,000 to attend a zen retreat. What is one of the biggest goals they hope to achieve? The hope to achieve forgiveness of some sort. What if you and I instead of shelling out 15 large just meditated on a universe in which we existed with forgiveness in our hearts? What would that feel like for us? What would it feel like for the other person? What would it feel like for the people around us who never had to hear us rant about the person for which we held bitterness?

What if there is an infinite number of paths in this life we can take to achieve whatever universe in which we hope to live? How do we find it? Further, if we’ve already taken paths, which we certainly have, does the alternate route still exist? 

If I set out to drive from Sulphur Springs to Dallas and head in the opposite direction and end up in Arkansas, does this mean the road back to Sulphur Springs and then to Dallas is no longer available? Of course it doesn’t. It just means I have to start over. If I had an appointment at a certain time it might have been missed, but I can still start over right? Are you willing to give yourself permission to start over?

I remember when I was on a mission trip we set out on a mountain with a GPS that was malfunctioning. We had way points but no treks. We had to guess the route. The problem was the mountain was straight up. There really was no option of just turning and going a different direction. Sleeping on a 80-90 degree angle on a goat trail with no water in sight really isn’t an option.

We had to get it right the first time. This is how we tend to look at life. We think whatever I’ve chosen wherever I’ve gone there I am and there I shall stay. While it’s true wherever you go there you are. It’s not true that you can’t retrace your steps and start over. When given the choice of door A or door B you chose B and regretted it, you might very well still be able to walk through door A where a better universe awaits you.

Don’t think in terms of finality in all decisions you make. Somewhere out there in the future maybe distant, maybe not exists the reality you desire. You just have to be brave enough to keep taking the paths to lead you there even if it means retracing your steps.

I hope to see you in that reality one day.

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I recommend Brian Scott’s book “The Reality Revolution.” It is the book that inspired this week’s episode. It’s really a thought provoking read.

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