Episode 111-Thanksgiving Spectacular With Abby Wright: Those Cheesy Hallmark Movies, Literature, Christmas Movies, and Daddy Daughter Randomness

So I think one of the things I’m most proud of is my relationship with my daughters. While I’m totally biased I think they are pretty amazing. What’s more I have a completely different relationship with both of them.

Abby is my little thinker. She and I like to have “solve the world’s problems” sessions where we will riff on politics, social issues, music, movies you name it. Well, since I have her home this week for Thanksgiving I thought I’d let you listen in on one of these conversations.

In this exchange we talk stupid Hallmark movies, good books, the Thanksgiving menu and more. It think you’ll enjoy listening in on a Dad and daughter with twisted senses of humor and love for one another that’s obvious (if I do say so myself.)

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