Episode 111-Part 3 of The Healthy Gut Series With Dr. Marvin Singh Author of “Rescue Your Health”

Dr. Singh is back! I have to say most of what I know about gut biome I learned from Dr. Marvin Singh. He helped me better understand what exactly the gut biome is, and how it plays such a vital role in our overall health.

In this conversation, we discuss his new book, “Rescue Your Health.” Dr. Singh starts from the premise we must know where we are to get to where we want to go. This is a wide ranging conversation about the markers and data points we must understand to get a strategy for rescuing our health.

What does it mean to “be healthy?” Instead of using statistics based on everybody, we have the technology to see what’s true for you—just you. This means we can see how healthy you actually are—or what could use improvement—and make adjustments from that information.

In Rescue Your Health, Dr. Marvin Singh explains and explores the best that science and technology have to offer us today to better understand our unique health profile. This then allows us to make the best decisions possible for ourselves, or our loved ones. In its pages, Dr. Singh teaches you what tests are available (including his Top Five) so that you can feel empowered to take charge of your health right now.

Each chapter presents the material in easy-to-understand terminology, as Dr. Singh shares his experience using the Precision Medicine approach with his own patients. From looking at your risk factors for certain diseases (such as breast cancer, heart disease, or Alzheimer’s), to assessing the best exercises for your genes, there is something for everyone in Rescue Your Health.

If Precision Medicine is our ticket to creating better health for longer, Rescue Your Health is an

integral first step on that journey.

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