Episode 116 Nick Tinch How A Man With A Second Grade Reading Capacity, Dyslexia, Diagnosed ADHD Broke The Generational Curse of Poverty And Has Built A World-Class Real Estate Investment Portfolio

Nick Tinch is one of the most energetic, inspiring and loveable people I have EVER had the chance to interview on The Jason Wright Show. In a very short period of time Nick and I have become friends, and I’m grateful for it.

In this interview Nick discusses looking around at the circumstances and behaviors around him and deciding he would choose a different path. That decision has made him successful as a father, husband and now real estate investor, inventor and entrepreneur. Nick’s energy and positivity are contageous.

I know you will love his story as much as I did.

More about Nick:

The real estate construction and acquisition business model for success is the long game of patience, discipline, experience, and integrity relationships. Building Legacies and Communities is our goal and mission here at Equity Real Estate Group.

As a Christian Business Executive, I am a result-oriented, and feasibility study executive focused on improving operations, impacting business growth while maximizing profitability. Over 22 years of experience in real estate, employee relations, training & development, financial operation in banking, customer service, and community involvement. I have many passions in life. The first is seeing individuals succeed, the second is business, and the third is buying and owning real estate.

As a trained and licensed CPE hospital, Chaplain. I love and enjoy seeing others win in life and be successful. One of my life’s missions is to help and support others to live a life of success within their personal life and business career. I enjoy creating, designing, and building patents. I am also a United States Patent Inventor. My goal is to add value to our real estate acquisition transactions, our shareholders, our investors and Equity partnerships.

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