Episode 121 “Iron Sharpening Iron” With Mitchell Cohen-Keys to a Marriage With “Spark” Curating the Perfect Year and Continuous Improvement

Mitchell Cohen

Mitchell Cohen is one of my favorite guests. He’s like a younger, smoother forehead possessing, better hair having version of me. Oh, and he’s much better looking. I’m not jealous at all.

But since he possesses all these superior qualities I’m happy to take advantage of them so as to make myself look better. You know kinda like Mrs. Wright always makes me look better when we go out? Well, Mitchell makes me better by coming on the JWS.

That my friends is what iron sharpening iron is all about. It’s about making each other better. This is what Mitchell does for me.

In this episode we cover a lot of ground. I wanted to dig into Mitchell’s methodology for doing his year in review and how he plans his upcoming year. He’s extremely disciplined, and much like yours truly obsessed with self improvement.

Near the end of the conversation he asked me what might be one of the most honoring questions ever. He noted how Mrs. Wright and I seem to have a “spark.” He, being a single man, wanted to know what I thought it was that gave us said spark.

Man, I loved that question, and I think I actually gave a pretty good and transparent answer. If you are looking for a life partner, I think some of the insight I give is some of the best two pennies I’ve ever tossed out.

Thanks for listening. Enjoy!

Who is Mitchell Cohen?

 Main Thing = Director of Influencer Partnerships at AppSumo.
(including partnerships/content for Noah Kagan)

 Learning = Twitter breakdowns, podcasts, bookclubs, cohort classes, and writing on this blog.

 Experimenting = Running a marathon, moving cities, any benefits to mind/body/soul.

On Twitter he’s @MitchellLandon where he publishes atomic essays that are a blast to follow

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