Best Friday Ever For 2-4-22 Seat Belts for Our Brains: Why Is Skepticism Under Attack-Tom Cruise, Joe Rogan, Saddam Hussein, David Duke and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

So what is happening? Why is Joe Rogan under such attack. He once said he would vote for Bernie Sanders. I have no idea what his politics are. However, his personal treatment of his COVID infection along with guests he’s had on to ask about vaccines has caused the American legacy media to lose their sh**.

Why? I’m not some Joe Rogan fanboy. As a matter of fact I’ve probably listened to a total of 3 full episodes of Rogan. I do however watch some of his YouTube clips. He gets all the best guests. Some I agree with some I don’t. He had Bernie Sanders on. I don’t agree with Bernie’s take on governance.

He had Jordan Peterson on. I like Jordan Peterson’s writing and thinking. He has liberals, conservatives, Bill Maher, Ben Shapiro. It doesn’t matter. Joe Rogan has anyone on he seems to think he can learn something from.

I’d dare say what has made him so successful is he offers a (oh my gosh I can’t believe I’m going to write this) “safe space” for all to come and listen to differing opinions.

Rogan is not a politician. He’s doesn’t need his listeners. If it all went away tomorrow, he’d be just fine. Yet his being treated as public enemy #1 by the American legacy media. Why.

Since when did differing opinions and the scientific driver of skepticism become such an offense. In Adam Grant’s book “Think Again” he outlines the problem with dividing all major issues into two sides either for or against leaving no room for nuance.

We seem to do it all cases now. If you’re for higher taxes, you’re a socialist. If you’re pro-life, your anti-female reproductive rights. If you question the efficacy of vaccines, your an anti-vaxxer.

We are living in a world that is leaving no room for nuance. This is not good. What’s worse is if one side has decided the only way to defeat the opposition is to not even allow questions to be asked, we are in big trouble.

There was once a time when it was expected of media outlets to get guests on who had wildly different opinions to allow us to peak into the mind of a Charles Manson, David Duke or Saddam Hussein. The interviewer asked question we might ask about these intriguing figures if we were there ourselves.

Now legacy media seems to only want to reinforce a prescribed narrative and attack anyone who lets us hear the “other” side. Joe Rogan seemingly has one agenda-to satisfy his curiosity. When did this become a crime?

Further, when did we all become so stupid we needed the likes of Brian Stelter at CNN and the federal government to install seatbelts on our brains?

Joe Rogan may not be the most interesting man in the world, but I’d dare say he’s one of the most curious. My advice to you, stay curious my friends.

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