Episode 145 Where’s The Beef? A Visit With a ‘real’ Cowboy and Cowgirl-Stacey and Scott Schumacher of Schumacher Cattle

So as a guy who loves health and wellness and believes animal protein is a huge component of good health I like to know where the beef comes from. The way we receive our ribeye is changing. Think Butcher Box.

With more and more people wanting to know exactly where their meat comes from and with the elimination of the MCOOL (Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling) by the federal government people are more interested than ever in know just where their beef originated. Wow! That was a terribly long sentence. Sorry.

Well, in my effort to learn more about beef production as well as the business of ranching in general I reached out to my friend Stacey Schumacher. She and her husband Scott are the owners of Schumacher Cattle.

This was a great conversation about an industry few people really know about. We know of it, but not really how the people who make their living providing us quality protein actually go about it. Well, this conversation answers a lot of the questions many of us have.

Scott is a fourth generation farmer, and he farms and ranches commercially in and around Era, Texas. In addition to his responsibilities for his family’s ranch, he also owns S&S Enterprises, LLC, a custom chemical application company for agriculture.  Scott also artificially inseminates a number of cattle for himself and select clients. He is a graduate of Texas Tech University and holds a degree in Animal Science.

Stacey is the Executive Director for the Texas Coalition for Animal Protection, a nonprofit that she founded that offers low cost pet sterilization and vaccination to Texas pets.  She is a graduate of Southern Methodist University with a master’s degree in Liberal Arts.  Stacey began breeding longhorn cattle in 2002, and she has fallen in love with the cattle. Each cow is named and is part of the family.  In her free time, Stacey loves attending longhorn sales and educational seminars.

Scott and Stacey encourage any rancher or small acreage owner to invest in quality, registered Texas Longhorns. Longhorns are beautiful, fun, and can yield great returns on investment with just a little research and marketing. Longhorn breeders are great people, and longhorn industry events are a ton of fun. For those who have children, you would be amazed at the scholarship funds available for kids who show longhorn cattle.

The Schumachers have two children, Stran and Selah. They hope that their children will fall in love with the ranching way of life! Stacey and Scott hope that you enjoy learning more about these beautiful longhorn cattle. You may decide that you, too, want to invest not only in these cattle, but in a part of the western heritage many of us are so excited to enjoy.




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