Best Friday Ever 3-4-2022 “Best Sleep Ever”

Quick-What’s the best bio-hack for recovery?

Ice bath?


Infrared heat?




The absolute best hack for slowing the aging process, fighting inflammation, accelerating the benefits of fasting is sleep. Nothing else comes close.

Sleep is when Buddy the Elf comes in to decorate Gimble’s. There’s no customers to bump into. The mission is clear. There’s nothing to do but trick the place out to make it look like a winter wonderland.

What if the good people at Gimble’s left a bunch of junk lying around for Buddy to clean up before the store opened? Could he still decorate? Yes. He could, but his time and energy would be divided.

It’s the same when we sleep. If done right, you can have your body all cleaned up and ready for nothing to be done but restoration and regeneration. This strengthens your immunity, slows aging and gives you overall better health.

Deep sleep is not just a bonus to good health it’s a necessity. Neglect it at your own peril!

Happy Friday folks! I hope it’s the best ever.


I mention in this episode “The Immunity Code by Joel Greene. Get it. It’s amazing.

Also, here is a link to the episode of TJWS where I interviewed Joel.

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