Episode 153 #BFE 4-1-2022 A Week Without Coffee, CODA, The Vitruvian Challenge. This Episode is Stacked No Fooling!

Episode #151 BFE for 3-25-22 Five Fundamental Questions We ALL Need to Ask Ourselves
Best Friday Ever 2-25-22 Are You Living Your Own Adventure or Watching Others Live Theirs?

CODA won Best Picture! This is a GREAT movie without a preachy message!

Here’s the trailer.

In this episode I discuss The 6 Week Vitruvian Challenge. I hope you will look into it if you are interested in the “Improve always in ALL ways” lifestyle. You can learn more HERE.

I went a week without coffee. Here is an article I wrote documenting the experience

I tried some new tea this week, and it’s amazing. It’s an herbal tea by Teeciono. So far I love their teas, and I am NOT a hot tea guy. With my decision to drink less coffee, this has been a good alternative.

I hope you are having the best Friday ever, and have the best weekend ever. I’m pulling for you!


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