Episode #157 Jean-Felix Turcotte “Poop, Alternative Medicine, and Other Things to Be Incredibly Healthy.”

Jean-Felix Turcotte on The Jason Wright Show

Jean-Felix Turcotte got into the field of healing during his journey to heal himself. Now he has built a practice on alternative medicine and seeking natural remedies for gut health, anti-aging, immunity and anything to live a healthier lifestyle.

In my conversation with “JF” we cover a myriad of subjects on health and wellness. I thoroughly loved this conversation, and I hope you will have a listen.

We get to the root cause through testing and then the use of the best detox system out there, so that you can feel great again and not have to worry about any health issues slowing you down! In 1:1 coaching, we leave no stone unturned. Get ready to become your best self!

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