#158 Best Friday Ever 4-22-22 “To The Moon and Beyond. The Power of What If and Why America is so Amazing!”

Episode #151 BFE for 3-25-22 Five Fundamental Questions We ALL Need to Ask Ourselves
Best Friday Ever 4-22-22 “The Power of asking, ‘What if?”

What if we had the audacity to as “what if?” I don’t think we do that enough these days. After returning from a recent visit to NASA I was inspired to ask that very question and encourage others to do so as well. The reason we as Americans have done big amazing things is because we have had the courage to ask “what if.”

I hope we can get back to that. Elon Musk’s greatest talent might not be his intellect but his ability and courage to ask “what if?” President Kennedy was willing and it put an American on the moon first. I encourage each and everyone of you to please listen to what I want to be a message of hope and encouragement to anyone who might stumble upon it.

There is NO other place on the planet where the human spirit has been able to run free like America. If you can’t make it here, don’t leave. I love this country. I love it worts and all. I love what my fellow Americans have achieved and continue to achieve.

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