May 19, 2022#167 Better Sleep, Tips for Longevity and Human Performance With Brian Thompson of Christus Human Performance Center

Brian Thompson on The Jason Wright Show

Brian Thompson was first one of the most celebrated high school football players in the state of Texas and nation. He was faster than everyone else. He was stronger than everyone else. He would do whatever it took to earn a Division I football scholarship.

He did. He signed with Texas A&M. However, due to a career ending injury Brian was sidelined. He then devoted his life to the business of health and wellness. First becoming a hospital administrator and then using his vast knowledge of sports science having studied under the likes of legendary trainer Charles Poliquin to create healthier, faster, stronger athletes.

He now is the Administrative Director for Sports Medicine Human Performance and Sleep at the Christus Human Performance Center.

Basically, Brian gets paid to lead in all the areas I totally geek out on. This conversation was wide ranging full of tips, sound advice and expertise from a true industry leader.

We also discuss the Christus Speed Clinic Coming up. If you want to register, just click the link below. The clinic will be led by legendary speed coach Tom Shaw.

Speed Clinic

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