May 24, 2022 #169 Literature, Writing and Other Musings With My Favorite Brit Stephen Hussey

Jason Wright and Stephen Hussey on The Jason Wright Show

I’ve become very fond of my friend Stephen Hussey. He’s a kind soul with a big brain and a shared love of books. I the novice trying to figure out what’s what in good literature, he an Oxford scholar.

He’s kind enough to have conversations with this bumpkin from East Texas and what tends to ensue is a wide ranging conversation that left to my own devices would go on for hours.

You can catch more from Stephen Hussey HERE on his YouTube channel. He also hosts a very successful show with his brother Matthew Hussey dealing with relationship issues called “Get The Guy” which bosts over 2MM subscribers. Not bad.

You can follow Stephen on Insta @stephenhhussey. Tell him Jason sent you.

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