July 15, 2022 ‘Best Friday Ever’ Eliminating Regret and Moving From Your Actual Self to You Ideal Self

I’m currently finishing up Daniel Pink’s book, “The Power of Regret.” It had been an eye opener. As someone who wants to eliminate as much regret as possible, the book has proven very useful.

We have multiple selves. The two I focus on in this episode are the ‘actual self’ and the ‘ideal self.’ When we are focused on trying to reach our ideal self, we need to get rid of as many ‘oughta’s’ as we can so they don’t become irreconcilable ‘shoulda’s’ when we are older.

It turns out the happiest people are those who have relationships. I go into detail about how this has personally impacted me. I have always been a guy who craved solitude and devalued relationships. That was until I met Mrs. Wright. Now that has all changed.

I hope this helps you have your best Friday ever. Thank you for tuning into the Jason Wright Show!

The Ice Barrell I mentioned

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