July 19, 2022 Battling Demons, Losing a Battle but Determined to Win The War. The Rise, Fall and Courageous Comeback of Dr. Dan Crawford

So a year or so ago I’m introduced to Dr. Dan Crawford. He’s the dynamic, Cajun tattooed principal of one of the largest high schools in East Texas. The kids love him. His social media is prolific with him surrounded by the kids he loves, inspires and leads.

I fell in love with the guy immediately. He held the title of Dr. but he was more like one of my Sulphur Springs High School buddies. He was a good ole boy, a well educated one, but just a good ole boy nonetheless.

Then not long after I saw this report in the Tyler Paper.

Police: Cocaine, blood at scene of former principal Crawford’s home

When police arrived at then-Tyler Legacy Principal Dan Crawford’s home in early June, documents state he was leaned against the back door of his residence with a red face and neck that were completely covered in blood.

He was sitting in a large pool of blood and appeared to have a large cut on the back of his head, according to the arrest affidavit. Police said the officer saw two puddles of blood across the kitchen late at night on June 2, and next to the sink the officer found a small baggie with a “white powdery substance.”

That substance was tested immediately and presumptively identified as cocaine. On June 16, results from a forensic scientist at the Texas Department of Public Safety lab in Tyler confirmed the substance was about .22 grams of cocaine, according to the affidavit.

I was shocked! No way! Folks, Tyler is not Dallas. There’s nowhere to hide. This down is a fish bowl and Dan has chosen to keep swimming.

I’m so glad I was able to get him on the show. “Dr. C” is trying to ‘Improve always in ALL ways.’ As a friend, I’m here for it. I hope you will tune in to this very personal and transparent story of a man fighting his way back from the ashes of a fire he lit.

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