August 19, 2022 Did Sam Harris Really Say Censorship Is Ok If It Keeps Donald Trump Out of Office? Q&A, Why Critical Thinking Is More Important Than Ever

The Jason Wright Show

I like Sam Harris. I find him interesting, and my boy has wicked smarts. However, even the brightest amongst us can have very very bad ideas. Sam is in the news today for an interview he did on the Triggernametry Podcast.

Essentially he said, it was ok to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story lest it usher in a second term for Donald Trump. As is often the case on such issues I got the questions, “Jason, what do you think about the Sam Harris dust up?”

In this BFE I answer this question, what I think about bright people in general, the importance of critical thinking and what we should all do to not prove Sam Harris correct.

I hope you’ve had a great week. Enjoy the show.

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