Anxiety or Fear? How do you know? Proven strategy for relieving fear and anxiety. Best Friday Ever!

It’s 2:30 a.m. All of the sudden it happens. The damn smoke alarm is chirping. Why? Is it a dead battery? Is it some sort of special alarm reserved for Zombie attacks? What is going on? Then in starts. You try to make it stop.

You press the little protruding button on the outside. Nothing. The chirp continues. Then you try to dial in your code on the alarm pad. Nothing. Still chirp…….chirp…….chirp…..then it happens. You decide to just rip the thing off the wall. Bring on the Zombies. Bring on a fire just make this damn thing stop. Finally after taking a baseball bat to the alarm and throwing it in the street you settle back in for some shuteye.

In my interview with Dr. John Delony, we discussed anxiety. Dr. John described anxiety as being like a smoke alarm. We know there’s smoke somewhere, but where is it?

Often what we term as anxiety is just adult-speak for fear. Instead of saying, “I’m afraid of…” we say, “I’m anxious about..” However much of what we term as anxiety is merely a signal of a fear.

If we can connect the dots from anxiety to our fear, then we can deal with the root of the problem.

In this episode I deconstruct this idea as well as give a description of the different parts of the brain that impact fear and anxiety as well as suggest solutions to quash our fears or at least put them in their proper perspective.

Thanks for listening.

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