“It was almost making me sick” Wes Austin’s Journey from Attorney to Comedian-Answering Your Creative Call

So this guy keeps coming up in my feed on YouTube. He’s funny. He offers quick, sharp political commentary with a conservative slant. Comedy, conservative and comedian are not three things you see a lot. Wes Austin has found a way to satisfy is creative outlet in a funny and engaging way.

I admire anyone willing to step out and nurture their passions, and Wes is doing just that. I also admire anyone who can use intelligence and creativity to help us laugh at these absurd political times we find ourselves in while not being mean spirited and overly insulting. Wes has found the balance.

Wes Austin is a lawyer, and stand-up comedian. He grew up in a family of eight children in a small town in northern Utah. As a former electrical engineer, now lawyer, husband and father of three, Wes brings a unique and fun perspective to comedy. 

In 2014 Wes wrote and produced a television pilot for “The IP Section,” a scripted autobiographical drama/comedy (“dramedy”) that takes a fictional look at Wes’s first rocky attempt at comedy while trying to keep it a secret from his clients, co-workers and family. The pilot was accepted by the ITVFest and San Francisco Independent film festivals. For his role in the pilot, Wes won Best Lead Actor in a Short Film at the 2017 Utah Film Awards.

In March of 2019 a web series based on “The IP Section” pilot was released on both Facebook and YouTube. The web series has over a million views on Facebook and continues to grow every day. Wes wrote, directed, and starred in “The IP Section” comedy series that is an autobiographical look at Wes, a patent lawyer, going after his dream of being a stand-up comedian.

The CBS affiliate in Utah (KUTV) did a feature story about Wes and the pursuit of his dreams in June of 2019. From the story, “Austin is now inspiring others to pursue their dreams as well.”

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