Sabina Nawaz-Executive Coach to World Leaders, The Power of Self Talk and Being Authentically You

Sabina Nawaz is a leader. So much so that Sabina Nawaz coaches leaders. There are so many times I pinch myself for the amazing guests I get to visit with on the Jason Wright Show. This was one of those times. Enjoy this conversation with a remarkable human being.

Coaching is not just about the skill and experience of a coach but the chemistry between the coach and the client. Here’s some information about me that might help you better understand my approach and whether you would enjoy and benefit from working together.

Who I am as a coach

I have walked in your shoes. I worked at Microsoft for more than 14 years, first launching products and then managing leaders. I’ve built organizations, hired employees, dealt with performance issues, and coordinated complex cross-organizational initiatives.

I have empathy for your challenges. At the same time, I know when to be direct and push you towards your goals.

I’ve been fortunate to have worked directly with many of the leading experts in leadership and organizational development. While I’m always current with the latest thinking on leadership, my work is about street smarts first, book smarts second. I combine theory with my own road testing and the collective experience of the clients I’ve worked with around the world. The results for you are practical, real-world skills that get results even in an evolving business environment.

My philosophy

I believe that each person has many of the answers they’re looking for already inside of them. What they need in order to fully play out their strengths is an abiding understanding of who they are. It’s a level of acceptance that eludes most people. And I help leaders to discover and cultivate the strength to tap into their own authentic talents.

I believe in seeing with clarity. The facts and the perceptions of others simply exist. By illuminating the dark corners, I help bring truth to light. It’s much easier to do the work once you can fully see what’s under the table.

I believe in the power of multiple perspectives. Often when people are stuck, they think there is one way to solve a problem and that way will cost dearly. I work with you to develop many different alternatives and see other viewpoints.

I believe that you are an individual. My work is rich and rewarding precisely for that reason. Your humanity is sacred to me. Solutions and frameworks will always be tailored to your particular needs.

I believe in helping you to skill-up rather than saving the day. I am more likely to accompany you on a journey in which you uncover answers yourself. This paves the way for you to be self-sufficient and create the solution that works for you and your organization now and over time.

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