Jump For Heart. Jump For Life. Jump For Your Vocation-Jump Rope Dudes CEO and Co-Founder Dan Witmer

I can’t remember which came first the chicken or the egg. Somewhere along the way I discovered CrossRope and The Jump Rope Dudes. One of the dudes is Dan Witmer. I remember when I really started getting into jumping rope I thought, “Wow! How cool would it be to start a YouTube channel to get other people into jumping?” Well, The JRD’s had beat me to the punch.

Dan Witmer Jump Rope Dudes

I love their content. It’s healthy, upbeat and Dan Witmer makes it engaging. Dan is smart dude on a mission to live life on his terms. If you checkout some of Dan’s content you’ll see really quickly he’s about living life to the fullest by focusing on what matters and cutting away the excess fat.

In this conversation we discuss his wildly successful entrepreneurial journey, which was planned and deliberate. We discuss what doing what you love really looks like, and why it’s important.

I loved this conversation, and I know you will too.

Checkout The Jump Rope Dudes

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