Sexual Purity and Its Impact on Women Getting The Man They Want The Downside of a High “Body Count”

I’ve been researching a great deal on what’s going on in dating, relationships, marriage rates, birth rates etx. You know, the stuff that keeps a society in existence.

I’m constantly shocked by the flippant attitude women and men alike have toward sex these days. I can’t help but think this is part of why we see people refraining from marriage or at a minimum putting it off longer and longer.

Further, women today, according to statistics, are more miserable than ever. Did you know on dating apps women only swipe right 5% of the time on average? This means 5% of the guys are getting all the girls.

I think the 4th wave of feminism has done an enormous amount of harm to women. It has taught them to be more self accepting and loving of “who they are.” Fine..good..I’m all in on accepting one’s immutable traits such as height, looks etc. What I’m not down for is accepting yourself for being a ‘ho’. Yep. I said it-a ‘ho’. Further, it’s incredibly arrogant and narcissistic to demand a man lower his standards to your self accepted standards.

Girls, if you want to get the guy, you are going to have to find out what men actually want in spite of what the militant feminists tell you. It’s a two way street.

You would never encourage your daughter to date a self accepting fat, no job having slob for a husband who sat in a basement crushing porn all day. You would never say to her, “Don’t be so superficial. He accepts himself for who he is and damn it so should you!”

It turns out what men want is a woman who is young and pure. This is in contrast with what most women are these days by the time they are ready to marry. When this time comes to pass, they are older and far far from pure. They’ve been told if men have a lot of sex so should we.

Well, you absolutely have the right to do it, but don’t expect men to want to marry you. So the question always gets asked, “Why is it ok for men to have lots of sex but not women?” First, I don’t think men should be having lots of sex either. I think that is the height of douchebaggery. However, there is a difference between men and women and here it is.

Women are born valuable and desired. A woman can have sex whenever she’s ready. A man has to earn his value. A man has to be of some value and has to work to have sex. Any woman reading this knows if she wanted to have sex she could. A man cannot. This is why if a man is a “player” he usually has some traits women want. He has to! Otherwise, he wouldn’t be a player.

On the other hand a girl need only have one quality-willingness. Is this fair to women? Probably not. However, is it fair men have to work so much harder for sex than women?

These are tough questions that need addressing. My bottom line as the father of two girls is this. Girls, I want you to find your prince. I want a man who will love, adore, cherish and respect you. I want the top 1% for you BUT me wanting it isn’t enough. YOU must make yourself desirable to that prince. That’s on you.

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