Happy New Year! 3 Books to Read NOW to Get Your Mind Right

Happy New Year! 3 Books to Read NOW to Get Your Mind Right

Well, it’s here. The new year has begun. I don’t know about you, but I’m a little sluggish. It’s odd because I’m usually ready to begin a new year like a shot out of a canon. No so this year.

I think it’s partly because the world just seems to be getting more and more exhausting. Uncertainty and the war being waged on truth just wears you down. So what to do?

Well, my solution is to reinforce my mind with wisdom and strength. I want to build a fortress around my mind and be very cautious as to what penetrates. I want to be even more deliberate about what movies I watch, songs I listen to, news I consume and of course what books I read.

I want to look to history for guidance. I want to search out wisdom. I want to continue being as healthy and slow the aging process as much as possible. I believe the surest way to create a good world is to first create a good me.

I’m recommending three books to you this episode to read in 2023. All three have had a profound impact on my life, and I plan to re-read each this year.

I encourage you to acknowledge truth when you see it. Be courageous enough to halt the madness of relativism being hoisted upon all of us. Look to those who have overcome great odds and be encouraged. Most of them were just like you and I. However, they tapped into a reserve of grit and courage they most likely didn’t even know they themselves had.

Happy New Year!


Here are the books mentioned in the podcast

The Boys in the Boat

My Full YouTube Review


My Full YouTube Review

Surprised by Joy

Surprised by JoyBook Review

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