Bill Maher, Jordan Peterson, Konstantin Kisin and John Kerry Walk Into a Podcast-Saving the Planet or Killing Poor People? The Climate Activist Conundrum

There have been some interesting discussions around climate change recently. It appears in the religion of ‘Woke’ an entire denomination of the faith has broken out-let’s call them ‘The Climatists.’

They mean well. They really do. How could anyone bent on saving the planet have anything other than good intentions? However, as is often the case with ‘good intentions’ there is a the risk of the cure being more harmful than the disease.

In this episode I incorporated the help of some modern luminaries to give texture to the discussion of saving the planet. Don’t worry. It’s not some anti-activist conservative rant nor is it some tree hugging sermon on why more people need to die and less be born.

It’s a look at the ‘other’ side of the climate debate that rarely gets discussed. In the race to save the planet few people take a close look at what trying to decrease the temperature of Earth 100 years from now will do to the least among us today. Worst yet, they know what it will do and don’t care.

I contend the climate debate is not so much a red vs. blue or liberal vs. conservative argument as it is a have vs. have nots, rich vs. poor, developed country vs. undeveloped.

I hope you enjoy, and maybe at least among my audience it will lead to a more nuanced discussion of this very important subject. Let’s improve our discourse always in ALL ways!



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