Excellence In All You Do-My Conversation With Bryce Prescott-Entrepreneur, Comedian and Overall Pursuer of Excellence

Bryce Prescott on The Jason Wright Show

Bryce Prescott has been in the podcasting industry since 2013, and has produced over 3000 podcast episodes for dozens of successful shows during that time. As an Engineer and Executive Producer, Bryce has spearheaded the creation, marketing and management of dozens of successful shows.

His expertise has allowed him to work directly with some of the most successful podcasters in the game, helping clients create a sound, direction, and narrative that attracts business and attention from their ideal listeners.

In his personal life, his passion is that of stand-up comedy. As a Headlining Comedian he has been a regular at Wiseguys Comedy Club in Salt Lake City, Utah since 2018. As a Host and Emcee, he has worked with some of comedy’s biggest acts while headlining his own act as well.

This was such a great conversation. It’s what I love about The Jason Wright Show. I get to meet fascinating, accomplished people I can learn from. That was definitely the case with Bryce. I hope you enjoy!

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