Top 25 Bits of Wisdom I’ve Gathered in My First 48 Years-The Birthday Special

So Sunday February 19th I turn 48. I don’t like birthdays. They are simply a reminder I’m not as young as I feel. However, they are a time to reflect on what has transpired thus far in one’s life. Here’s a little of what I’ve learned.

  1. You will survive almost every tragedy that befalls you
  2. You DON’T have to try to make people like you. Just be the type of person it’s easy to like
  3. It takes more energy to hate than to forgive
  4. You will never have enough money to do all the things you want to do 
  5. True joy comes from experiences not things
  6. Developing skills and pursuing activities that make you a better person but no money at all are indeed worthwhile
  7. Loving with full abandon is the surest way to keep your spouse happy 
  8. When cooking a steak, trust the process. Don’t check the meat every minute. Find the time and temperature that works and trust the process
  9. People will always disappoint you. They’re human. That’s what humans do
  10. It’s okay to be a nobody in the world’s eyes. What matter is being a somebody your wife and children can depend on
  11. “He who conquers his mind conquers the world.”
  12. Contentment is the brass ring not the brass ring
  13. Age is in fact just a number. How you feel is what matters most
  14. Stay active. It’s magical how amazing being healthy feels
  15. Not drinking alcohol is awesome
  16. If you smile at the world, more times than not it will smile back at you. Sounds cheesy, but it’s true
  17. Divine appointments are real. I’ve had more than I can count
  18. Managing the distance between action and reaction can change everything
  19. Trying to control others is pointless. You can only control yourself
  20. You don’t need nor can explain the actions of others. Leave it to them. You are only accountable for your own actions
  21. Apologize quickly
  22. Being a good listener is far more important than being a good talker
  23. It’s ok to keep your opinion to yourself
  24. It’s ok to disagree with people just do it respectfully
  25. Like C.S. Lewis said, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.”

I’m sure there’s more. After all, it’s been nearly half a century. However these are 20 of the main lessons I’ve taken from life so far. I can wait to see what the next 48 holds.

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