Control Your Body Fat, Age Slower and Live Longer-Joel Greene Is Back-We Discuss How The Fitness Industry Has It Wrong, Eating For Longevity and More

Joel Greene is the author of ‘The Immunity Code’ and has become a friend. He very well may be one of the most respected and knowledgeable health and wellness professionals around. One of my friends who is an integrated health specialist and M.D. has referred to Joel as a “mad scientist.”

Joel understands the science of the body. He is also a realist. He understands a lot of people simply don’t have the time to do fitness 12 hours per day. Most people have lives to live. This is why he is adamant about cutting through the nonsense of much of the fitness industry being sold.

So often people get caught up on Instagram influencers and others who literally workout and eat right all day every day and then sell you a program on how to look like them…you…an accountant! This doesn’t work. Joel has created straight forward protocols that work in the real world.

We also discuss Joel’s ‘Young Body’ supplements.

I’m so happy to have Joel back on. He’s someone I consider a friend and mentor.

Joel Greene The Jason Wright Show

Here’s a little more about Joel:

Having previously built 2 previous multi-million dollar startups in the tech space Joel went on to author the very first article on the gut biome to the health and fitness community in 2007. He has the largest known body of outcomes in the world targeting body composition via the gut, with over 16,000 since 2009. He created one of the first digital nutrition SAAS services with the VEEP Nutrition System. He has consulted with billion dollar nutrition companies like Quest Nutrition on complex problems like engineering food to extend lifespan. His work has been featured on Dr Phil and top tier publications like Muscle and Fitness and CBS Online. He is the author of The Immunity Code – a new approach to immune centric health 3 years in the making.

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