Former 29 Year FBI Agent, Author and Advisor to Expedition Unknown Stewart Fillmore: Part 2-Alcatraz, John Dillinger and Big Corruption in Small Town Texas!

Stewart Fillmore spent 29 years as an FBI Special Agent. In this part 2 of the 2 part series we discuss his time investigating the escape from Alcatraz and the search for John Dillinger’s treasure both as part of his research for episodes of Expedition Unknown.

Stewart Fillmore helps investigate the escape from Alcatraz

When we last left off, Stewart had just put the handcuffs on White Supremacist Billy Frank Cherry, one of the bombers of the 16th St. Baptist Church in Alabama.

We also discuss the case that led to Stewart’s book “Tenaha: Corruption and Cover-up In Small Town Texas” If you ever wondered how small town justice can go wrong, you must listen to this tale. It’s nuts!

This episode is awesome! Stewart brings his 29 years of investigative skills to Expedition Unknown and tells us all the behind the scenes details. Ejoy!

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