Being Human Is Complicated Episode 1: Current Event Ramblings With Jason, James and Jay

We are living in weird times. It is just as Dickens once said, “…the best of times…the worst of times.” In this new series I sat down with two guys I respect and love chatting with to take on some of today’s hot topics.

We aren’t trying to make a point or impose our will. We just decided to riff on questions and try to hash out causaction for some of the things going on from the massive uptick in the LGBTQ+ populations to movies and just everyday issues.

If you like it, please shoot us some questions to riff on. This will be a regular feature of the show.

Jay Yow

Jay is a very passionate person when come to music and all kind of media, especially sound. Graduated from Full Sail University and received 7 awards, which including Valedictorian. He has a very good ear and a very strong sense towards sound. Other than that, he is also a quick learner and an intimate computer user, and has great skill in communication and socializing. Besides that, he is also very active and a outgoing person.

Jay has 8 years of audio engineering experiences. He has an excellent skill in audio applications such as Pro Tools, Nuendo 2, Nuendo 3, Nuendo 4, Cubase 3, Cubase 5 and wavelab. He is skillful and quick at recording and editing.

Artist worked with including: Mike Stern, Benedict Cumberbatch, Frank Grillo, American Author, Roomful of Teeth, Abbi Jacobson, IKillya, American Diesal, Castle Walls, Magic Room Theater, Benjamin Cartel,

Voice Over Work Including: Disney, Alexjacobi, The Story Exchanged, Fly Wheel Media, Blue State Digital, Dashlane

Chinese and Malaysian Artist Including: Gary Cao, Soo Wincci, Namewee, DayDream, ManHand, Von

James Quandahl

James Quandahl is an entrepreneur, author, performance coach, and host of The James Quandahl Show: helping you live a full life and build the life of your dreams. Quandahl has led teams for nearly two decades including two at Fortune 1000 companies, and has coached hundreds of driven individuals to success. James’s agencies help natural product brands sell more on Amazon and support authors in producing and launching best-selling books.


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