This or That vs. This AND That-Don’t Make New Tech a Zero Sum Game. Leverage The New To Enhance The Old

AI is blowing everyone’s minds. Some are scared. Some are excited. What should we do? Well, remember when ATM machines were supposed to put all the tellers out of business? Yea. That didn’t happen. There are actually more tellers now than there were when ATM’s came along.

Remember when email was going to do away with snail mail and the carriers who delivered it? Well, Newman is still delivering hoping for that Hawaii transfer.

The fact is most big innovations lead to new opportunities. It makes doing the work we once did easier or more effective. AI will be the same way if you choose to start asking what about AI AND my writing vs. is it going to be AI OR me doing the writing.

✅AI is causing both fear and excitement among people.

✅ Similar to how ATMs did not replace all bank tellers, AI will lead to new job opportunities rather than solely replace them.

✅Email did not lead to the extinction of snail mail and postal carriers still have jobs.

✅ Big innovations, like AI, can make work easier and more effective, rather than solely taking jobs away.

✅It is important to consider how AI can work alongside individuals in their work rather than viewing it as a replacement.


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