Wisdom Wednesday: “No One Is Coming To Save You.”

**No One Is Coming to Save You**

In shadows deep, where darkness lies,

I wandered lost with tearful eyes,

A world unkind, a daunting hue,

No savior near, no rescue true.

Through trials vast, I stumbled so,

In struggle’s grasp, my spirit low,

But in the depths, a spark did rise,

A fire fierce, with newfound ties.

No one is coming to save you, they say,

Embrace the struggle, find your own way,

For strength resides in storms we brave,

And wisdom blooms when souls are brave.

I learned to dance amidst the rain,

To rise again from every pain,

Through shattered dreams, a purpose found,

A heart unbound, on higher ground.

No one is coming to save you, it’s true,

But hear me now, with words anew,

For in the darkness, a light you’ll find,

Within your soul, a power, aligned.

From every fall, a lesson gleams,

A phoenix born from broken dreams,

With every scar, a story etched,

Of courage fierce, from struggles fetched.

No longer bound by doubt’s cruel snare,

I soared with hope, on wings of prayer,

A strength unknown, from deep within,

A warrior’s heart, a soul to win.

No one is coming to save you, dear friend,

But fear not, for your strength won’t bend,

For life’s obstacles, they carve and mold,

A masterpiece of courage, bold.

In each defeat, a victory hides,

In every step, the soul abides,

With every challenge, the power unfurls,

To shape a destiny of precious pearls.

So, heed my words, embrace the fight,

Discover strength in darkest night,

No one is coming to save you, it’s true,

But within your heart, a hero grew.

Rise above, spread your wings,

For in your spirit, freedom sings,

No longer bound by shadows’ might,

A beacon shines, igniting light.

No one is coming to save you, you see,

But behold the power that lies within thee,

Embrace the struggle, let your soul take flight,

And in this journey, find your might.

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