Authentic Health Fridays: How to Fix Your Gut-The First Steps to Detoxing Your Body

In this enlightening episode of The Jason Wright Show, we delve deep into the realm of gut health with esteemed guest Dr. Gus Vickery. Unravel the intricate connections between diet, supplementation, and screening in the pursuit of a balanced gut microbiome. Dr. Vickery, a renowned expert, shares his invaluable insights on optimizing digestive wellness through strategic dietary choices and the role of targeted supplements. Tune in as he demystifies the significance of comprehensive screening methods, empowering listeners to take proactive steps towards vibrant health. Whether you’re a wellness enthusiast or curious learner, this episode promises to unravel the gut’s secrets for a life of vitality.

Dr. Gus’s Protocol for Gut Stabilization

BodyHealth Reds Phytonutrient Powder (use code wildhealth20 at checkout for 20% off)  – one scoop daily to provide food-based phytonutrients from red pigmented fruits and vegetables. Red polyphenols are very good for the gut.

Some form of greens powder  (use code wildhealth20 at checkout for 20% off) – one scoop daily. Options include BodyHealth Greens, Thorne Greens, or Athletic Greens. This will help maintain proper food-based phytonutrient support.

Garden of Life Raw Organic Fiber Powder – one half to one scoop daily. This is optional depending on how you tolerate it. It’s a blend of soluble and insoluble fibers and prebiotic fibers that can help maintain a healthy gut. Some people feel bloated and gassy with this option, so you can explore alternative fiber options. I also like Thorne FiberMend, which is a healthy prebiotic formulation. I personally blend half a scoop of the organic raw fiber with half a scoop of Thorne FiberMend and then mix some protein powder with it. I also combine a Greens or Reds powder with that so I can put it all together in one concoction.

Nitric oxide support – if you have used a salivary test and determined that nitric oxide availability is low for you, you should consider utilizing some form of nitric oxide support. I recommend the Berkeley Life Nitric Oxide Support Capsules (Practitioner code: GVIC01 discount: drvick10)  and the dose is two capsules daily together.

Berberine– 500 to 1000 milligrams taken twice daily to support metabolic health and glucose regulation. This is also a good natural supplement for pruning bad bacteria from the gut biome

Body Health Bio Clear  (use code wildhealth20 at checkout for 20% off) – one capsule three times a day to remove biofilms and prune the biome. Can be taken 1 out of 3 months or every other month.

– Utilize some form of collagen, whether in powder or capsule form daily. It’s best to use these with the amino acids for maximum impact. If you like them, bone broths are sufficient for this.

– Either consume two portions a day (a portion is five tablespoons) of some truly fermented food to provide probiotics to your gut or use a high quality probiotic supplement, I recommend the Klaire Ther-Biotic Complete or the Seed Synbiotic at two capsules a day. We have links for 

– Optional, but very good for you – use either a powdered base or capsule based form of colostrum each morning. Use the colostrum for a few weeks every other month. We have the Ancestral Supplements Colostrum Capsules if that is your preferred form.Organic Green Banana Powder for resistant starch- ½ to 1 scoop 3-4 days a week

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