Neurological Safety: Dan Crawford, Founder of C3 “Crawford Coaching Concepts”

Dan’s Story:

Dan has a sustained commitment to embracing the following Core Value in his work at Crawford Coaching Concepts: “Make A Difference, TODAY!” His vision for C3 is based upon a foundational belief that each person has the ability to positively impact another person’s life. Dan’s belief in the power of #MADT is rooted in his incredible life story, which includes achieving professional success, a tragic fall to rock-bottom & his hope & redemption journey back to helping others.

Dan achieved amazing success, climbing the leadership ranks in Texas K-12 Public Education, serving as a highly regarded 6A Texas HS Principal & College Professor. But behind the scenes, he was falling apart. Dan’s commitment to intellectual growth regressed, his physical health deteriorated, he practiced unhealthy coping habits & consistently turned to intoxicating substances. Eventually, these behaviors led to his rapid, tragic decent to rock-bottom. The result was very public felony arrest, his resignation from his HS Principal & College Professor positions & severely damaging relationships with family & friends.

Dan owned his mistakes, realized the importance of changing behaviors & strived to be a good man…But he was lost. Then one day he heard from an old friend, who shared that she had a contact who could possibly help him find a job. The contact called Dan & shared that he could help him find a job, but more importantly the man said, “Listen to me brother, one mistake does not define you & that one mistake does not have to be your legacy.” Dan hung up the phone & realized that call was not about a job, it was the spark of encouragement he so desperately needed to get back on track.

In his personal life, Dan recommitted to his faith, became a more involved father, family member & friend, embraced healthy coping skills & committed to living a life free from drugs & alcohol. He also met an amazing woman, Kim, who has supported him as he traveled his journey, & they are now married & have five beautiful children. In his professional life, he got a job as a security guard at an oil/gas drilling contractor & he embraced the opportunity to learn & grow in a new industry. Dan’s fire & passion for learning propelled him to Rig Floorhand, Rig-up Specialist, QHSE Specialist, Performance Improvement Team Specialist & eventually US Performance Improvement Team Manager (L48), all in a matter of 18-months.

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