“Empowering Female Entrepreneurs: Unveiling Growth, Joy, and Purpose with Julie Perkins, Founder of Wyseminds”

I had so much fun getting to know Wyseminds Founder Julie Perkins in this conversation. Being married to a female entrepreneur, experiencing the rollercoaster of burnout, frustration, and the myriad of challenges and triumphs that come with entrepreneurship, this episode resonated deeply with my own journey.

Julie is a brilliant business leader, teacher and coach. While Julie and Wyseminds focuses primarily on female business owners her wisdom is applicable to any entrepreneur!

About Wyseminds

We wanted to build a company that works with a feminine touch, creating an environment where female entrepreneurs can be at their best, feel challenged and good enough to be there. For us, collaboration is the new ownership, meaning we work alongside the entrepreneur to support them in growing their business, whilst they keep hold of the direction.

We all read and listen to what growth is for others, but what about what we want it to be. There is no doubt that you know what is best for your company – you’ve been closest to it for years – so success has to be defined by you, and it can be more than revenue alone.

We know we need to grow for long-term survival, new opportunities or a greater return. However, for any founder the desire to keep growing or grow again comes with many questions and concerns; whether you really want more, can you actually do more? What would growing more look like? These are questions that are asked by everybody – we reassure you of this and then look to support you through advisors, skill-sharing, and a quicker and smarter process, to reignite your passion and get you started on your next growth journey.

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